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13. The White City (Part 2)

White CityI swear that when I planned this, I did not go out of my way to choose towns that had railways running through them.

Same name-as-tube-stops they might be, but I wasn’t trying to be that much of a geek and make it that there was a passing American railroad too. And yet strangely it seems that in a country dominated by trucks and truckers on the interstate (and I’ve seen a LOT of trucks these past few weeks), there is also a hell of a lot of rail and railways out here too – more than I think I might have realised.

And so it was … that the rather brilliantly cute and wonderful town of White City, had a railroad passing through it.

So in case you hadn’t gathered – I really liked this town. Roxanne the proprietor of the liquor store was super welcoming and friendly, she introduced me to everyone that came by the store whilst I was there, including the seemingly permanent fixture of the old gentleman – a Vietnam vet – perched on a stall in the store.

I knew the he was ex-army because he was wearing a “Vietnam Veteran” hat, and he breathed air through his teeth and made a “yeck yeck yech” chuckling noise to himself when I said I was up from South Carolina. The South vs. the rest of the states? … very much alive here in the mid-west. But he was fun and entertaining, and in the enjoyment of it all I forget to get his name … I was too busy taking a photo of him when he decided it was time to go home on his motorised scooter.

White City

I headed up the road to eat, and went into the only bar & grill in the town. There might have been a small moment of “Who’s this stranger in our town?”, but it didn’t last long and nor did the time that the bartender took to warm up to me and start a conversation, and then her friend Stephanie started chatting to me, and then she called over her mum, and it wasn’t long after that I was telling all the purpose of my trip, taking photos with them and getting them to sign my t-shirt. It was lovely, and I didn’t really want to leave, but I had to get on and put some miles in because I’d already spent too long just getting to here in the first place.

Roxanne was still still sitting out on the front of her store chatting to another guy as I drove by, so I stopped got out and chatted again, and then eventually we said our goodbyes and she gave me a big hug.

I crossed the railway line, and back into the network of letter-named Kansanian roads running at the due points of the compass every square mile. North a bit, west a bit, north a bit more, west a bit more – fighting my way through the grid until I got onto the highway proper.

And with the sun setting to west melting into the horizon like embers on a dying fire, I headed north into Nebraska.

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3 responses to “13. The White City (Part 2)”

  1. MumTina says:

    They seemed like very nice people, either that or you managed to charm them. Most of the people you have met in these small towns seem really lovely, the true Americans, not at all like the unreal ones you see on T.V.

  2. Kirk says:

    Those mile long freight trains become much less exciting when you’ve crossed Canada by train and waited at every bloody siding for them to come through and block your view…

    Quite fun looking through the holes in the wagons to find out what type of car they are transporting though 🙂

  3. Paul Webb says:

    So that White City is about 30 years older than the London White City…,_London

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