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It’s about time we counted the numbers up again.

Whilst I’m sure you already know you can click on the progress map (which you can click on anytime over there in the right-hand rail) of this blog at anytime to see where I’ve been day-to-day, it’s always good for me (if no one else) to stop once in a while, take stock of where I am and have a breakdown of how it’s all going, and where I think it’s headed. Stats-wise, that is.

Note: I’m on day 40 now which is over half way presuming I do stick to my 76 schedule of what the overall trip should take me. This does not however include the four days that it took me to drive up to Maine to start in the first place, or the money that I will spend driving back from California to South Carolina at the end of it all …

Days on the road: 40 / Miles driven: 8,498 / Average miles per day: 212

Been through: 33 states / Visited: 32 ‘same name’ towns & places that share tube stop names

Total gallons: 468 / Total spent: $1,176 / Gas Mileage (MPG): 18.82
Most expensive: $2.74 (Maine) / Cheapest: $2.24 (Missouri)

Campgrounds: 13 / Stayed at friends: 13 / Stayed in motels: 12 / Slept in car: 2 / Money spent: $886

Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts / Money to ‘The Man’
I’ve spent money in ‘The Man’ in the form of the Seattle based caffeine company 13 times in 40 days. DD just 7 times. Waffle House? Just 4 times.

I’m pretty sure that too much ‘travel food’ has given me a slight pot-belly. I don’t think I’ve ever yearned for a salad as much as I am doing right now in my life. I also need to go run or do something to get me fir, because sitting in car for at least 4 hours every day is detriment to my health. I shall be most intrigued to see how much I weigh at the end. I am convinced I have gotten fatter.

Excel IconFor stats geeks
See that nice shiny green Excel icon there on the right? Go click on it! To download petrolgas.xls and if you’re an Excel geek (like I am not) and fancy doing some snazzy prediction on how much this is all going to cost me (the journey ends on day 76), or perhaps can whack together some super-cool graph based on the mileage I’ve done so far and want to email that to me … please feel free!

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