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It was bright, it was colourful, it was fun, friendly and informative.

In was – in short (sorry mum) everything that Graceland wasn’t. If I ever get a chance to speak to the people behind Graceland to say that I was a little underwhelmed at my Elvis experience and they might say to me “Well what DO you want from a museum?”, then I will put them in a car and send them on their way to Austin, Minnesota where the (free entrance!) SPAM museum is located.

There were interactive displays, buttons to press, large friendly welcoming signs giving you information, friendly people walking round giving out free chunks of Spam … a complete well thought out and superbly pulled off museum experience. And all this – just about Spam! Imagine what you could do with a subject such as Elvis if you really put the work into it.

[Geek note: In writing these blog pages, I often use the HTML tag ‘span‘ for formatting the page. I just honestly and accidentally wrote it as ‘spam’ instead just now. Well … wouldn’t you?]

One response to “Spamtastic”

  1. tami says:

    Spam, that wonderful unknown type meat with the jell on it that we eat during hurricanes and camp outs. I cant believe they really made a museum! Oh yea, its us… sure

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