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14. The Badlands of Wall Drug

Could this be the most scenic part of country? So far – yes. Into South Dakota we go and the Badlands. Oh, and Wall Drug

“Wall what?” I hear you ask!

Exactly, which is why there’s this nice video for you …

• National Parks guide to the Badlands

Wall Drug official site, oh and South of the Border while we’re at it

8 responses to “14. The Badlands of Wall Drug”

  1. Paul Webb says:

    “Alley Oop”! Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band did a version (available on Spotify and iTunes). Beach Boys also did a version – but the Bonzo version is better.

  2. geofftech says:

    is that what the song is?? i had no idea! heh. i trust you’ll bring a copy with you when you come in two weeks time….

  3. Paul Webb says:


  4. MumTina (60's expert) says:

    Just love that shop Geoff, so much to buy. I really think you should have bought a hat! Scenery’s good too. I have to tell you ‘Alley Oop’ is a song from my teenage years, Bonzo might have covered it more recently but I recognised it immediately. It was sung by ‘The Hollywood Argyles’ reached no 24 in 1960, their one and only hit.

  5. Joe says:

    Wall Drug reminds me of Cherokee in the Smokey Mountains, but with more jackalope.

  6. Helen Brew says:

    Wow – that South Dakota accent makes my skin crawl! But the Badlands did look beautiful! And Wall Drug is pretty much just a huge South of the Border, it seems. But with English workers. Hmm.

  7. Lauren Gellatly says:

    Did you get the number of the cute NPS guide from the Badlands? You two should go hiking!

    Also liked the part where you ride the giant jackalope.

  8. geofftech says:

    Park Rangers (cute or not) are easy to ‘hit’ on – because it’s their job to talk to you! ha. as long as you’re asking them relevant questions. i did exactly the same at Mount Rushmore, in the next video. coming up –er, at sompoint this week i hope.

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