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15. RushYellowstone

More video fun.

We’re still catching up with last week when we went through Mount Rushmore and I pulled my trick (for the second time that day) of flirting with a Park Ranger just so that she’d talk to me on camera.

Then it was along to – and up and over – the Beartooth Pass, climbing high to get into Yellowstone Park via the east entrance.

8 responses to “15. RushYellowstone”

  1. MumTina says:

    Fantastic scenery! Are you saying though you have to buy something to use the toilets? Does it have to be fuel or would a bar of chocolate have been sufficient. Bit like the roadside petrol stations in the UK, they often don’t have any toilets at all, or if they do won’t let you use them, say for staff only.

  2. geofftech says:

    US motorways/interstates DONT have ‘service stations’ (well except on the I95 up near New York) really, so if you’re road-trippin’ in the USA you come off at a junction and go to the nearest gas station which all locate themselves right by the exit just for this purpose.

    they always have toilets, coffee and bad hot dogs which have been on a roller stand for several weeks. you get to learn what the name of that states lottery game is called too. but mainly – you go to use the bathroom/restroom, and that’s why people stop there – it’s kinda expected.

    most don’t care whether you buy anything or not, some have a sign up saying “for customers only”, but this one was REALLY snotty. she wouldn’t give Nik the key to the bathroom until she could see that i was pumping in fuel into the car. mean!

  3. Chuck Boyd says:

    Local customs and laws are odd: In Montreal signs in bars stated you HAD to buy food in order to drink. (A side of fries was $3.50).

    In Asheville, NC, to buy a pitcher of beer, there had to be a minimum of two drinkers.

    Enjoy your tour!

  4. Leanne says:

    Loved the Bison, and the coffee in the duvet analogy, oh and Yellowstone is pretty spectacular! 🙂

  5. Nuts says:

    Loved the scenery and also your mugshot in front of Mount Rushmore 🙂

    Geoff! since u r a great fan of keeping stats of about everything u do….r u maintaining a record of all the “different” kinds of toilet facilities used?:P

    oh n Nikki, nice camera work.

  6. Paul Webb says:

    I think you need to tell that Park Ranger what Theodore Roosevelt is really famous for – Something worthy of a monumnent, I think.

  7. geofftech says:

    a giant sculpted Teddy Bear in the side of a mountain! now THAT i would be pay to see! (unlike $10 per person for Crazy Horse…)

  8. Richard says:

    Crumpled duvet? You’ll never make a geography teacher…

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