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Time on your side

Wending my way through the mountains of West Virginia was lovely. The corn fields of Iowa strangely enchanting, Yellowstone Park predictably stunning, and the Beartooth pass of Montana indeed was most scenic.

But possibly my most favourite scenic drive so far came quite unexpectedly yesterday as I took a “day out” to go visit a friend up in Great Falls in Montana.

I was by myself for the first time in a long time. Nik’s been with me on the road for almost two weeks now, and you know … there have been those moment where we’ve wanted to kill each other like any two people that stay in the confined space of a car for many hours. It’s happened with my other road trip companions, and it will happen at some point i’m sure with my remaining two companions that are yet still to come,

And it take it out of you. I’m exhausted, a lot of nights I sleep for ten hours, no problem which is very unusual for me. Many years ago back in the UK, i took a two week driving holiday around Scotland with my girlfriend. On about day 9 out of 14 we had a massive row (fight), just … because … well we were always on the move, finding and staying in a different place each night, never able to settle and chill out properly and we both got tired and antsy.

And here I am having been doing that for six weeks now with a little over 3 weeks more still to go. And I am tired. I am fatigued. My health is suffering. Far from being the skinny runt that I normally am, the combination of eating bad road-side food and not doing any physical exercise at all and sitting in a car for several hours a day, has given me a food-baby belly, and I am desperate to find some scales right now to see how much I weight i know I’ve put on weight.

ScottMy skin has also broken out in to a rash of spots – acne of the like that i have not seen for over 10 years, and has left me thinking “How can a man that will be on the road celebrating his 37th birthday next week still get spots like a teenager?”. thus – no close up shots of me in videos.

Video was something i chose not to do (but i still took my stills camera), when i went to meet Scott. Now he’s not from Great Falls, or Montana, or even America – no, Scott wonderfully drove down for five hours across the border of Canada from Calgary where lives, into a foreign land so that we could catch up – only for the second time in our lives (the first was back in 2005 in London) and catch up on all the gossip. I think next time we’ll have to do it in HIS home country.

So after several hours of wonderfully pleasant conversation a drive back again by myself to the campground that night beckons, two and a half hours down the I-15. Yes, it’s an interstate, but for once, it took me through stunningly rugged scenic mountains, winding it’s way gently, and then sometimes curving much more aggressively through the peaks and slopes down again.

EpiphanyBlack clouds rolled in … storms ahead. I tried to twitter but there is no cell reception out in these parts. Instead I stopped and took photos where and when I could. My favourite song of the moment came up on shuffle on my iPod, and as I sang along, the clouds parted, a rainbow suddenly appearing to my left which was beautiful, and around about then in that moment all my thoughts nicely collected that had been building up over the past six weeks and came together, and it was quite quite beautiful.

I got back, the day seem brighter. The sullen, tiring mood of the trip lifted. But it wasn’t quite there yet, it wasn’t 100% perfection of jolly moods and bright smiling faces – almost.

To help complete the final state I did the one sane thing that any man would do to cheer himself up in my position – I drove another 300 miles so that I could stay the night in a giant wooden dog …

6 responses to “Time on your side”

  1. Raineth says:

    You know, this type of thing is just one of the many reasons people like you!

    Was that the epiphany, then?

  2. scottb says:

    Yeah Geoff, what was that epiphany?

    On my way back from Great Falls my iPod battery died, so I was out of tunes, but I also ran across a beautiful parting of the clouds after a gloomy day of driving.

    Thanks to you (and Sam) for the SBX treats!

  3. MumTina says:

    Re: Lack of exercise, you could just go for a short run each day, either at your campsite for 15 minutes, run round the perimter a few times or round the motel car-park. You could do some press-ups in your tent, or just dance around your iPod to some rock music (in the privacy of your Motel room of course). Eating more fruit & veg will shift acne. Are you getting your 5 a day? I think not. I am your mother, pay attention please!

  4. jhota says:

    i wanted to kill you before i got in the car. but that’s not any different than how i feel about anybody else, really. so don’t think you’re special!

  5. Julia says:

    Geoffrey… listen to your mother!

  6. geofftech says:

    i’m eating fruit, really, i promise.

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