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17. Run 2 Holborn

Amongst all the regular sight-seeing and trips to National Parks, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’ve not been stopping at all the ‘same name’ tube places, well … don’t panic, I have

Some of them are just … not that interesting though! e.g. I’ve got a whole 20 minutes of video of me standing at an empty crossroads in Poplar (Yes, I know that’s on the DLR and not on the tube) in Idaho, with me basically saying “Yup… there’s… nothing here!”, but even that was SOMETHING compared to the place which I will now reveal on video.

This is Holborn, in Nevada. In the top right hand corner of the state, where it’s barren, dusty, and cowboys roam moving their cattle. See for yourself:

And that was that … Holborn, Nevada complete.

Or was it?

For as we’re driving away and I’m packing down my video camera I hear the faint sound of a horn of a train in the distance. “I think a train is coming!” I say to Ashley, driving – and I make her turn around and we head back to the siding.

A good ten minutes later, and sure enough a huge Union Pacific grain train comes growling over the horizon and slow down as it approaches us and slews its way into the siding. I scramble down the dusty Nevadan bushy embankment and take a picture, the driver sees me – I wave, and he waves back! And then his mate – the conductor – gets out and starts chatting to me.


His name is Rick, and he’s the perfect image of a a train driver/conductor that you might imagine with his navy blue pinstripe overalls, pens sticking out of the top pocket and a ‘Union Pacific‘ badge sewn to his shirt.

We chat for about ten minutes – it’s surreal, standing next to a big bloody train in the middle of nowhere, and I explain what I’m doing and how there is a Holborn in the middle of London – nothing like its Nevada namesake. I take more more pictures and ask what it’s like working for the railroad.

We let two other trains go pass whilst his train is in the siding. “They’re more important than us!” chuckled Rick. “Grain is at the bottom of the pecking order”. and sure enough two other longer, bigger, louder and meaner looking cargo trains rumble past us.

It’s hot, it’s dusty and I need a drink, so I say goodbye to Rick who promises to look at my website, and we head back through the Nevada wilderness to the interstate and back to civilization.

6 responses to “17. Run 2 Holborn”

  1. Chuck Boyd says:

    Geoff, Did you ask Rick if he had a website or blog?

    Bet he’s writing about meeting a bloke on the siding who looked dusty and thirsty. He adds that he let two freights go past because he was challenged by the guy’s accent!

    Just a thought…to you out there in the middle…of nowhere.

  2. jhota says:

    woot! road atlas spotted…

  3. Gerard says:

    According to there are 9 places in USA called ‘nowhere’ – you could try the middle of one but I suspect that the locals wouldn’t think it very original!

    Like the new wing mirror but in the opening titles BTW, good work sir.

  4. Tina (Geoff's Mum) says:

    I wonder who was the most surprised to meet the other person in the middle of nowwhere, you or him?

  5. geofftech says:

    @chuck I was hoping that he might have looked at my website by now and left a comment, but no! Alas… there’s till time. HELLO Rick, if you’re out there reading this right now! 🙂

    @jj – your map has been INVALUABLE, sir. how i started the trip without one, i’ll never know

    @gerard – the last few videos have all had a slightly altered/different cut in the opening sequence, that was always the plan, yes

    @tina – hello mum! 🙂

  6. Gerard says:

    You see, it’s not wasted on some of us!

    (ps, excuse my typo, “but” obviously means “bit” – ‘u’ and ‘i’ keys being next to each other and me being all thumbs, sure you worked it out.)

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