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Penultimate Stats : USA

I will of course do a massive round up of stats at the end, when all the gas money has been spent, and mileage clocked. Until then, here we go again …

Whilst I’m sure you already know you can click on the progress map (which you can click on anytime over there in the right-hand rail) of this blog at anytime to see where I’ve been day-to-day, it’s always good for me (if no one else) to stop once in a while, take stock of where I am and have a look at the numbers to see how it’s going.

[ Today is day 64now which now means I have less that two weeks left of the projected 76 days. The end is in sight … eek! This still doesn’t include though the four days that it took me to drive up to Maine to start in the first place, or the time & money spent driving back from California to South Carolina at the end of it all. ]

Days on the road: 64/ Miles driven: 15,432 / Average miles per day: 2229

Been through: 47 states / Visited: 46 ‘same name’ towns & places that share names as places on the tube map

Total gallons: 712 / Total spent: $1,867 / Average Gas Mileage (MPG): 19.12
Most expensive: $3.15 (Cooke City, Beartooth Pass, Montana) / Cheapest: $2.24 (Missouri)

Campgrounds: 33 / Stayed at friends: 13 / Stayed in motels: 14 / Slept in car: 2 / Money spent: $1,426

Lining Howard Schultz’s pocket:
Now in total 18 times, which is quite sedate for me. This may increase though now that I’ve downloaded the ‘Starbux’ app for my iPhone which constantly tells you where the nearest Starbucks is based on your location.

Lost items (Aside from the car break-in)
One folding chair, one tarpaulin, one pillow, one swiss-army knife (pocket knife) and one packet of hand wipes – all placed on top of the roof when tidying up the car, and then driven off forgetting that they were there.

Another pillow – lost when I left it in the Quality Inn in Amarillo, because my pillow was nicer than the hotel pillows, but I forgot to take it with me when I left.

My watch – I have no idea where my “Ooh, I like your watch”, watch has gone, all I know is that there is now a light ring of skin around my left wrist where it used to be, and it’s no longer there, and I’ve completely tidied the car out and still can’t find it, bollocks.

12 responses to “Penultimate Stats : USA”

  1. Gerard says:

    2229 miles per day? Good effort!

    A list for Geoff, what I have learnt so far / “notes to self(Gerard)” – I know you like these so I’ll have a go:

    1] Right “>>” to click through to most recent blog entry, the one on the bottom not top
    2] Don’t leave items on show / on top of car
    3] Stop clicking top item, you’re going back in time, not forwards (see point 1)
    4] is great
    5] Having never wanted to go to USA, I now want to (and visit every place called ‘Gerard’)
    6] Sleep IN the big dog (as opposed to WITH one like my youth. Joke.
    7] bottom one, to the right, not sunk in yet has it
    8] I want a flash video camera but know that I have no hope with the graphics and technology side, hat truly off to geofftech productions, should be on TV this stuff
    9] Now understand how Geoff struggles to get past number 9 and leaves 10, Ican’t even get that far

    I know it’s not the end yet, Geoff, but you will be able to say in true Lock-Stock fashion, “it’s been emotional”!

  2. James says:

    Er…. 2,229 miles per day?! Crikey

  3. Richard says:

    That’s an impressive amount of camping in two months – and an even more impressive number of miles per day…

  4. Rudi says:

    I think your MPD average is a power of ten off….

  5. MumTina says:

    Should it be 241 avg miles per day maybe? What would have been your fuel costs if you were paying £1.05 a litre, if in the UK? Bearing in mind the different gallon measure. A lot more I should think. If you have spent a total of $3293, that’s roughly £2058, at 1.6$ to the £ or £32 a day, which is very good as it includes accommodation and food I presume, as well as replacement pillows etc.

  6. Alan Perks says:

    Your Mum has trumped me here, 241 is correct. I was a tad worried about the average miles per day statistic. 1229 miles per day. Assuming 12 hours drive per day, that would mean travelling at an average speed of 185.75 mph! Still maths, or should I say math is not your strong point!!

  7. Paul says:

    Why not call your statistics, Stateistics instead?

  8. MumTina says:

    Alan, Geoff is British, it’s Maths, and I thought he was good at it, I suspect he was rushing as usual, got his dec point in the wrong place that’s all.

  9. geofftech says:

    Underground USA : Stateistics.

    Ha! my average miles a day should indeed be 229. but i’ll leave “2229” in there, as that’s quite funny…

  10. tami says:

    I like that Paul “Statetistics”,,, Good stats especially the count of lost items. At least you didnt loose your mind…

  11. Paul says:

    Should I patent the name?

  12. geofftech says:

    Friday 21st August 2009 : I found my watch! (yay)

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