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Coming sooner … likely

Whilst I slave away every day trying to get my book written, I’m also spending time going through and organising all the photos.

It appears that me (and my companions) managed to press the shutter button just over 4,700 times in ten weeks, and that doesn’t include an estimate 100 pictures or more that I hadn’t downloaded off of the first camera when it got stolen.

I’m taking my favourite ones to create a Blurb photo book (in time for Christmas!), but in the meantime thought I’d make a melancholy slideshow too to that piece of music which is now oh-so-familiar to me.

So here’s lots of placenames signs that have the same name as the tube, more abandonment, highways, scenic views, shots of the stunning Yellowstone and my lovely companions. And there still more choice photos to come …

7 responses to “Coming sooner … likely”

  1. tami says:

    Love it, the music is so catchy too. Like the way you set up the photos . Great pic of you laying down. Cant wait for the rest!

  2. Raineth says:

    Most excellent! Between a video of whatever material you have, a compilation of photos & a memoir– this is going to be something truly special. 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    You spent all that time doing that? whatever.

    I kid. It’s more than excellent. However you really could do about 50 more of those, or one really long one, with all the photos you have.

  4. Paul says:

    Nice playing…is that you?

  5. Emma says:

    So that’s the real version of the Grandaddy song? Nice! And great pics!

  6. Scott says:

    Brilliant, Also gotta say i love that music….

  7. Tina (Geoff's Mum) says:

    Yes, that is Geoff on the keyboard, doing his slow version of his theme-tune. Loved the photos, especially the one of me of course. 🙂

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