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1,292 days later

Going home is easy now, as I’ve finished my packing. I literally had to sit on my suitcase to squeeze down the top of my bag so that I could get the zip to go all the way across. I’m taking back more than I brought across with me, and I’m still leaving behind a big box of stuff in storage which I’ll have to come back and collect on a trip at some point in the future.

Going home is easy now, because I’ve said “Cheerio!” to everyone, and – if anything – have had too much time to prepare myself and get all my shit together. I’ve done all the last minute errands, I gave Beverly a fire extinguisher as a leaving gift (sorry about the fire), so I’m all good to go.

Going home is easy now, because I’ve done every single UK to USA comparison that I think I’m ever likely to want to make, and written about everything that I wanted to write about. Although, I never told you the story of my old boss here who wanted me to go for a drug test before actually giving me the job, but was happy to “Give me a couple of weeks if I needed it” to let anything clear out of my system that may have been there, or the one about the extreme-southern-Baptist funeral that I once went to. Where the tragic death of a 31 year old woman from cancer that I knew suffered (in my opinion) the indignity of having her dead body lie in the coffin in the church whilst her husband punched the air with glee and practically danced for joy that she was “Now with her maker” – to the backdrop of a cheesy gospel music powerpoint slide show complete with ghastly typos and spelling mistakes in huge words projected on a screen – embarassing.

Going home is easy now, because it’s the reverse of what I did the best part of four years ago. I know who are going to be my friends from here in the future because they’re the ones that have made the effort or reciprocated accordingly to mine. I know who the idiots are, and the ones that I will not speak to so often again. I know how that works now because the reverse happened when I came here. I also now return to those people knowing more than ever who are the ones that are worth it.

Going home is easy now, as I’ve done my time here. If I were an American citizen to begin with who found myself in the lovely city of Charleston as part of my American life then I’d be wanting to move on now anyway. There are far too many people who get stuck in the rut of the unchallenged ‘easy’ life here, and are letting themselves waste away. They should get on up and out and move on and push on, but they are not. So I’m getting out – on and up – and it feels just great, thanks.

Going home is easy now, because I’m all wrapped up and done. Which is why when I post tomorrow here it will be the last time that I do it. Yes – my last. I’ve recorded a very personal video and actually thought twice today about posting it, but I will and then be done – all done, because now is the perfect time to move on – on many fronts – not just the going home part. Which I’m really looking forward to.

13 responses to “1,292 days later”

  1. I can’t believe I must have been keeping an eye on your blog for over 4 years now… ever since I stumbled upon it when searching for Underground maps! And we met on the Zone 1 Tube Challenge sometime before you went to the USA.

    I haven’t read the iBlog so regularly for the past year or so as I’ve had other things on, but still dropped by from time to time to ‘see what Geoff’s been up to’ 🙂

    It’s been a good read, and inspiring to follow someone who throws themselves into the unknown, has an adventure, and makes the most of it.

    Well done Geoff. Hope any book / film things work out well. From your effort, enthusiasm and ability, you deserve to get some reward.

    Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained.

    All the best for your return to the UK.

  2. Ian says:

    I’ve been a “lurker” on the blog for a bit over four years as well, having stumbled across it when searching about Tube Challenges!

    We’ve never met and I’ve never commented before but want wanted to thank you for for keeping me entertained and sometimes educated during that time period through your posts – it has always been a great read/watch.

    Hope all works out and here’s to the next phase!

  3. Yorkie says:

    Thanks for the last 6+ years of insight. All the best for the future.

  4. Paul says:

    I have met you once and been hooked on your Blog now for about 4 years. You’ve had plenty of highs and some lows too … I hope going back home works out for you and if you want an assistant in your next attempt at “The Record” then do let me know!!

  5. Wow – you’re on your way back and sounding fine and dandy. Just dropped in to see how you were! Can’t believe its been 4 years since waving you off in the BBC Bar. Get in touch when you are back and maybe complete the circle with another beer in the BBC bar – if anybody will let us in 🙂

  6. Peter S says:

    Wow – you’re on your way back and sounding fine and dandy. Just dropped in to see how you were! Can’t believe its been 4 years since waving you off in the BBC Bar. Get in touch when you are back and maybe complete the circle with another beer in the BBC bar – if anybody will let us in 🙂

  7. Scott Rhodes says:

    As another lurker, and occasional commenter, just like to say all the best. Always been good to read the blog for the last 5 years or so. It’s been fun.. Good luck for the future.. And i’m still going to drop by once in a while just to see if your ever tempted to sneak in the odd post…… 🙂

  8. Tina (Geoff's Mum) says:

    See you soon!

  9. gerard says:

    Well done Geoff, I couldn’t dream of sharing as much of my life as you have on here, I can imagine at times it’s been easy and filled you with pride whilst at others it may have left you feeling vulnerable, exposed or just seemed like a bit of a chore!

    I stumbled across your website by chance really, seeing a re-run of the tube challenge programme and thinking, “I know him!” and off to google it was. I am glad I saw that programme as not only has it been good to catch up with an ‘acquaintance’ I have thoroughly enjoyed ‘the trip’, felt for you with some of the lows and generally been in awe of the adventurist in you and the ability with which you have mastered the digital media and conveyed your story. Thank you for letting us all in.

  10. Tim says:

    You were just on TV! It was a rerun of the “The Tube” on Sky Three, with you trying to break your own record. Maybe you can have a crack at it again when you get home!

  11. Tina (Geoff's Mum) says:

    Tim, that must be a lucky omen for Geoff’s return. Pity he doesn’t get any royalties each time it’s shown!

  12. Kris in Hawaii #202 says:

    Are you really SURE you can wrap the blog? Where else will you be able to ramble on ad infinitum? J/K… as you know the blog is how we met so I’m happy it existed. And realize all good things must come to an end. 🙂

    PS.. but if you run another Tube Challenge, you might have to start it up again..just for old times’s sake. 🙂

  13. geofftech says:

    My parting comment is here.

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