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1,293 days later. The final tally.

And I’m on my way home.

One thousand, two hundred and ninety three days later (thanks to the Date Duration Calculator for that one) and it’s time to take a one-way ticket back again.

Whilst reading through all my blog entries the other day it was fascinating (if not, slightly excrutiating) to discover my posts that I wrote when I had been here for 6 months, 12 months and a year and a half which I gave all ‘xyz days later’ headings, hence the title of todays post and video. It’s the final tally.

It’s been fun, Charleston – thanks. You offered a lot and I took it all, and obviously you will not be forgotten. But it’s strange how sometimes the smallest things are those that can stick in the memory the most.

Driving down past the American Theatre on King Street, seeing a CARTA bus around town or using a classic US blue coloured mailbox – will be missed. Shopping in the Harris Teeter, getting money from the Bank of America ATM – all those routine daily things with signs, symbols and slogans that you come to recognise, learn and love – are all about to NOT be part of my daily routine.

Where will I eat now that Boulevard Diner isn’t in my life? Where will I drink now that Moe’s Tavern is 4,000 miles away? Simple things, easy to miss.

So I made this video.

A personal video of all those simple things that I will miss and wanted to be reminded of, which may make no sense to you at all – which is fine, because this video is more for me than anyone else really. It have me a chance to catch up with a few people that I wanted to say ‘Goodbye’ to as well.

Cheerio y’all.

As this is the last post on the blog, at some point I’ll tidy it up and make it look neater. I’ll keep my website as a whole going and keep alive all the bits I want to keep up as an archive, but there will be no more blog.
The social networking revolution has changed the the way we use the internet, which means you’ll just have to catch me on twitter instead. Take care people.

14 responses to “1,293 days later. The final tally.”

  1. Val UK says:

    A long time “lurker” on your blog; an avid reader of all your posts; a keen watcher of all your videos ……Its been a great trip.

    Welcome back, enjoy the next chapter of your life, stay safe, be happy & take care Geoff.

    Thank you!

  2. Marc says:

    And goodbye from me – I don’t ‘do’ Twitter, so thanks for the reading material over the years and good luck with wherever you end up.

  3. Tina (Geoff's Mum) says:

    We welcome you back of course, but I should like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all those lovely people in Charleston I met through Geoff, and who were his friends when he needed them.

  4. Hi Geoff, I only came across your blog midway through your roadtrip and didn’t realise that marked the end of your time in Charleston. I only visited Charleston once, but loved it and I expect you will miss it more than you imagine. I spent 5 years in Chicago and think about it everyday.

    Good luck back at home, eventually the pull to return I guess was too much. I have been away for over 6 years now but can never imagine not going HOME!

    Shame about the blog closing, but will follow you on Twitter. Good luck.

    Simon/Chicago Addick/@chicagoaddick

  5. Raineth says:

    Well Hell’s Bells, this made me feel quite a bit glum.

    Ah well, I am grateful nonetheless.

    Be well, good man.

  6. Pat (aka "cheappd") says:

    Good luck in whatever you do back home. Sorry I didn’t read your blog sooner, it has been very entertaining. I’ll also continue to follow you on Twitter – notice that you’ve been Twittering up a storm since getting back home.

  7. U2bale says:

    Your blog will be missed… much as I will follow your Tweets, how your “got” you new iphone is still a mystery to me, how you are fairing will be a wonder to me… I have followed your blog for some years now so needless to say I will miss it…. your life and its activities will not fit in 140 characters! An Englishman’s writing makes for good reading! Looking forward to your next phase. Thanks!

  8. Leslie says:

    Good luck!

    I follow your tweets and Facebook, but I will definitely miss the blog. I much prefer blogs because people have taken the time to go through and prepare them. Of course, I also prefer reading to videos, sooooo….

    Anyway, take care back in England!

  9. Kris in Hawaii #202 says:

    “Charmingly obnoxious!” Sums it up so utterly perfectly.. Hoping to make a trip to England this coming year myself and shall treat you to a pint somewhere. Don’t forget Hawaii, as the last of the states you still need to see.. 🙂

  10. Emma says:

    A little late, as I know you’re back already but I wanted to add something here. I have loved reading your blog and have done for quite some time now and will miss checking at lunchtimes to see the updates. It’s sad that you’re leaving Charleston, but great that ‘we’ get you back too .. you’re writing is wonderful and I have lived vicariously through your words.

    Welcome home Geoff – we missed you ..!

    Catch you on Twitter!


  11. geofftech says:

    So here’s the deal: (I guess you could count this as my final blog-post really, my last ever comment!)

    I was on a website the other day of a media-personality in the UK, and I left a comment on their blog, I was the 56th commenter. Later that day, I was on Facebook, and went by the ‘fan’ page of that same personality and noted that they had with that post (and all their others posts) but the same as their blog as an update on facebook. The facebook post had over four times (200+) the amount of comments than the blog did.

    The world has changed and the internet has moved on – people are now more into facebook and other social media inventions that pure blogging. I think blogs had their hey-day and pinnacle in about 2004-2005, but not anymore. It’s hard to get a new blog up and and running, and the only ‘successful’ ones nowadays are the ones that are already truly established.

    I’m not closing my website, instead – i’m going to be concentrating on two other things:

    1. I’ll be making more videos (i.e. continue to make videos!) because it’s what I love doing now, and want to progress my skilss at it. I’ll still use my website as a way of showing off the latest thing that I’ve produced. There will therefore be a twitter that says “Latest video HERE -> link”, which’ll take you back to my website. So i’ll still be producing content … just in video form.

    2. I’m writing my book from my trip this summer. And every time since that journey that I’ve written 500 words on my blog, I’ve thought “That’s 500 words that I could have written towards my book”, which i reeeallly want to do & finish. and blogging takes time and energy away from that. hence I need to go and write that. maybe when that’s done, the blog will come back? Dunno… have to get the book done first.

    So that’s why, and the perfect timing of coming back to the UK too – American adventure all over – just made it seemed like the ideal thing to do…

    thanks all for the nice comments. and yes, i’ve been twittering away ever since I got back ->

  12. tami says:

    Sorry, we didnt catch up in London with you coming and I going but we will catch up in the new year when I come back! Loved the video as always, will check up on you as always…

  13. Chris says:

    Hi geoff, long time lurker coming out of the woodwork here. Have read your blog since the days of 50p challenge (and emailed you years back – you probably won’t know of me) and it is sad to see it go. Personally, i loathe social networking, and love to see a nice well constructed blog post from you to chew over.

    Facebook and twitter maybe the in thing for now, but if they keel over or become “uncool” or otherwise die in future, your thoughts will disappear. Never tie yourself down, that is all i can say. Plus, with facebook and all its ilk, there is the need to share everything with everyone and slap your name to it for all to see; i have always been one to stick to pseudonyms or first name on t’internets.


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