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Tube ChallengeStill Playing With Trains

I'm a two times Guinness World Record holder for travelling to all London Underground stations in the fastest time possible. Last achieved in August 2013 along with Anthony Smith and Chris Green, that was my 25th time around the tube network.

I also previously held the record before back between 2004-2006 on my seventh attempt.

The Tube Relief attempt was a charity event organised in the wake of the London tube bombings in 2005. Over sixty people participated in travelling the tube all day.

Two of the previous attempts made it onto TV - you can watch them both online here, and read write ups of all attempts so far. A more recent challenge was also filmed for BBC News Online - that was attempt number twenty-three, and there will be more!

Attempt write-ups since 2010 : Tube 10 - Tube 11 - Tube 12 - Tube 13 - Tube 14 - Tube 15 - Tube 16 - Tube 17 - Tube 18 - Tube 19 - Tube 20 - Tube 21 - Tube 22 - Tube 23 - Tube 24 - Tube 25 - Tube 26


Underground USA LogoUnderground : USA

For eleven weeks between June and August of 2009, I drove around the whole of America on a 48 state road trip (not Alaska or Hawaii) visiting a place in each state that shared the same name as a stop on the London Tube map, this due to my love of The Tube (see below).

Throughout the whole trip, I documented it on my blog with photos and videos as well as using my twitter feed to provide constant updates of where I was and what I was doing.

It's now been written up, and self-published as a book which you can buy here.

Underground USA Photobook CoverUnderground : USA Photobook

I took over 3,000 photographs on my road trip around the whole of America, and finally got round to sorting through them all, tidying them up to make them look great and putting them into a book.

Self-published through, it's the Underground:USA photobook.


USA GlobeLiving in America

In May 2006, I made a transatlantic move and ended up spending over three and a half years living in South Carolina in the USA.

I experienced the highs and lows of emigrating to a new country, as I got to grips with the true South in America. The phrase "Two nations divided by a common language" started to actually mean something to me as found myself comparing the difference between Britain and America.


iPod Fifty Pence LogoThe 50p iPod

Between November 2003 and June 2004 I managed to successfully cyberbeg online for a third-generation iPod. I got five-hundred people around the world to donate me fifty pence each to raise the funds so that I could buy an iPod. I had photos taken with the person where I could with the person donating me the money, and they got to nominated a song for them to have on the iPod - marked in their name forever.

The whole story got written up as daily updates - which eventually turned into my blog. It was called 50pence (iN Da Pod), and you can read the whole story of everything that happened here.


ROTY2011Reviews of the Year

Over the last few years, I've produced eleven Review of the Year audio programmes featuring news and music clips that were the highlight of those twelve months. Download them all for free year to take you back in time to what was happening for that year in your life!

Review of the Year: 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2010 - 2011 (There were no programmes made in 2009 or 2012)


Boris on a BikeDocking Hell

The TFL Cycle Hire scheme was launched in London at the end of July 2010, and from the moment it launched I mused the possibility of seeing how long it would take you to ride to all 345 of them.

A couple of months in - on one September Saturday morning - and we did just that! We called it Docking Hell - an attempt to ride round to all the docking stations in one day.


Boris on a BikeGuides

Various things that I've felt inspired enough to waffle on about.

I make a lot of videos, and so wrote Shooting better video - some essential tips for when filming. I also used to work at the BBC for the news website, and wrote the guide to the BBC Online since 1997. Then there's the 'Friends' sex guide just for a bit of fun, and finally my history of Apple Products - iPods, iPhones and iPads, and the history of iTunes.

Other Stuff

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