Least Used Station In ...

On my YouTube channel, there is a series of videos where I travel to and explore the least used stations of the UK, on a county by county basis. The plan is to get round all the ones in England first, and then look at Wales and Scotland after that.

How do you know what the least used station in each county is?

If you want to look at the Office of Rail and Road statistics yourself you can download those here - sort the entries/exit column by descending order and work it out from there

For those that love spreadsheets ...

There's also a spreadsheet to download here, which we update listing what facilities each station has so we can see what really is the most desolate least used station!

And obviously we're mapping it!

Here's a map of the ones done so far (below), although you can also look at this excellent Google Map here too!




Least Used Station In...

Travelling to each county in the UK and visisiting its least used station.

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