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Tube Media

Second World Record (270 stations, 16 hours 20 minutes 27 seconds. Set April 16th 2013)

On the BBC News website - London Tube Station visiting record broken

On the Time Out 'Now Here This' blog - A New Guinness World Record

On Londonist - New World record for Tube Challenge

First World Record (275 stations, 18 hours 35 minute 43 seconds. Set May 4th 2004)

When we got the world record which we'd set in May 2005 confirmed four months later, I contacted the Evening Standard who ran the story and from there, lots of other media outlets picked up on us.

The ES photographer met up with me & Neil at High St. Ken station to take a very contrived picture, and the reporter spoke to me on the phone to ask a whole bunch of questions including trying to get the winng route.

The next day the story appeared in the Evening Standard, and then of course it seems that everyone is interested, and we get quite a lot of coverage over the next few days.

BBC WebsiteMost of all I was quite chuffed that we got a mention on the BBC News website.

Also, as I was working in the news department at the time, when the original journalist who wrote the story got our names swapped on the caption of the photo, I was able to personally go into the system and correct it myself.

We also got on the news website again a year later, when we did the TubeRelief charity run.

We get on most of the London radio stations bulletins throughout the day on Wednesday - it seems that they're all picking it up from the Evening Standard article. I have people emailing me and texting me telling me that they've heard us being mention as the "And finally..." amusing anecdotal story at the end of bulletins throughout the afternoon.


LBC Interview with Henry Kelly : BBC Radio London Interview : BBC World Service English interview: Neil Fox mention on Capital Radio

Neil Fox - the evening presenter on air - saw the article in the paper picks up on it, and gets people to call in with their tube related tunes as part of his 'Double Play' feature! In the end they plump for "Going Underground" by The Jam, and "Sound of the Underground" by Girls Aloud.

Foxy comments that "We must be unemployed or something" to spend all that time running around on train, until someone that knew me that was listening texts in to point out that I do have a job.

We got in various local papers & publications, but my favourite was when we appeared in On The Move - the internal staff magazine for London Underground workers. They'd used a picture I'd sent to them, but they put my name (Geoff) against a picture of Neil!

On The Move


TV/Video Appearances

BBC Video - Tube Challenger pulls out all the stops in latest record attempt

Our Tube 21 attempt in March 2013, was filmed by the BBC (Online) and put on the magazine part of their news website. It had over a quarter of a million views. You can add to that tally by following the link to it, here:

Race Around The Underground (23 minutes)

'Race Around The Underground' was a Carlton TV production (now ITV London), part of the 'Metroland' series of programmes that was first broadcast on ITV1 on Thursday 16th October 2003, and covers our 'Tube4' attempt which took place in May 2003.

Note: This is a different programme from 'The Tube' series, in which I had appeared in one of the episodes earlier in the year - see below for that. This is also not the programme that gets repeated on Sky Travel a lot - again, that is the programme below.

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Pre-Show interview (2 mins)
Before the show went out, I got interviewed by London Tonight about it, on a day when I remember I'd just had my hair cut extremely short and look a bit freaky.

But I met up with their reporter down at Great Portland Street tube and did this really short piece with them.

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Victor Lewis-Smith Review

Victor Lewis Smith ReviewThey day after though, I was the review in the London Evening Standard, on the Victor Lewis-Smith TV review page. He was his usual scathing self, and upset my mum when he called us a bunch of geeks.

Me? I loved it, consider it the coup de grace of all media whore-ness, and framed it and hung it in my bathroom above the toilet.

The online version of it still appears here.


The Tube - '24 Hours'

Prior to me getting on screen in Race Around the Underground, there was a TV series simply called The Tube a six part show that was broadcast in January of 2003.

Episode 2 of the show was entitled 24 hours and covers a variety of things that happen on The Tube network in the space of a one day period - one of those was following my progress around the network, is my Tube3 attempt with me & Dave. So whilst we're not in all of the show, we're certainly in a lot of it.

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This show was ultimately sold to Sky Travel and still gets repeated years later on a frequent basis, often prompting someone to email or tweet me, saying "You were just on the telly again doing your tube thing...", which is fine except I'm very embarassed about the weird three-quarter length shorts I'm wearing. Oh, and the mullet haircut that I appear to be sporting.

Zone 1 only challenge

We also got on TV for the Zone1 challenge in 2004, when a BBC London reporter came and followed some us round as we did the challenge, this piece then appeared on the local news that night.


Clever Commuter
Clever CommuterThe nice people that we like at the Clever Commuter website caught up with me in April 2013 to talk to me, dubing me the 'King of the Tube' - a title I'm happy to take!

The Liberty of Norton Folgate
An intruiging London blog ' Norton Folgate' sat me down in a pub for several hours in the spring of 2013 and asked me lots of questions! Here are the answers that I gave ...

Mark Mason's Importance of Being Trivial

The author of 'Walk the Lines' interview and write up on his blog, focusing on how you go to the toilet when on a challenge ...

Four Kids, One Mom Travel Blog
A Canadian in London - Anna - interviewed me for her blog