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Tube 27 : Walk The Tube 2015

Charity Event, Friday 10th April 2015 - After last years successful charity event, lots of people got in touch to say they wanted to do it, so we did indeed do it again, this time with twenty-six people in total. We started at Heathrow 4 and finished at Amersham.

A few problems ...

So, not everything ran to plan - after the first major worry of the day was out of the way (making our connection at Heathrow 123) we thought things we would be good. However ...

Soon after, aDistrct Line train we wanted to catch ran early so we missed a connection at Hammersmith. This meant we got the Olympia train, immediately putting us 10 minutes behind schedule.

Almost immediatey after that we heard that th Central Line had had a signal failure at Woodford, so our plan of knocking out Epping early morning was soon out of the window - instead we reroute and went up the Northern Line instead to do Mill Hill east and High Barnet.

After the change to Cockfosters though (whilst teas and coffess and fetched for those who wanted one at Oakwood, whilst they all went to Cockfosters and back) we came south down the Piccadilly Line and got held outside Finbury park for 8 minutes whilst a customer ill on the train in front of us was tended to. So we're now about 18 minutes down.

In the morning rush hour, there was a horrible incident of a person being hit by a train on the Northern Line at Stockwell, put put all the services out of sync - thus, when we arrived at Edgware we had a 12 minute wait for our next train. That's exactly 30 minutes lost now.

Heading north up the Victoria Line in the afternoon, we are held out side Seven Sisters for 5 miuntes whilst "A driver has gone missing and we're trying to find them", as no one could move the train in front of us. 35 minutes lost.

Laster on, there was a major signal failure at Tower Hill that affected all District and Circle Line services. Normally when a District train arrives at Ealing Broadway, one leaves shortly after - however this didn't happen and we lost another 10 minutes here.

The major straw that broke the camels back though was coming towards Turnham Green and we checked and there was no Richmond train due for 15 minutes - that would have meant a total of 60 minutes lost, which then put the finish at Amersham/Chesham in danger, so we had to quickly decide not to do the Richmond branch and push on instead. So we missed out 3 stations (but read on!)

We did have one good moment though when we caught a U10 bus outside West Ruislip, and it took us to Ickhenham quickly and we cuaght a train 6 minutes later - that's world record pace! However, as we then decided to do West Harrow then (and reverse, to save us doing it later), the Metropolitan Line train didn't turn up as per schedule, and so that time gained by that speedy connection was instantly lost.

So here's a coverage map (Click on it for the larger version) of the parts of the map that we actually travelled on - with thanks to Steve Robinson (from last year's Walk The Tube) for creating this for us again!


Not shown on the map is what happened as the finish, because the finish got complicated! Our Bakerloo Line train up to Harrow & Wealdstone ran late, and we missed the connection coming back south to take us one stop to Kenton, and that put us in a hugh conundrum ..

Geoff's Moments ...

At Warren Street we changed from the Northern Line to the Victoria, people has become separated and I was worried that people might get left behind, a 'Hold the doors for a moment?' point I said out loud to myself, although Sophie was nearby and nodded at me. This then prompted a really stroppy guy to have a go at me for 'holding the doors' (despite the fact that I never did), and when iI just ignored him and walked away and sat down, he went up to Sophie instead and waved his finger in her face telling her "Not to hold the doors", despite the fact that she hadn't either ...

At Canons Park, we all lined up at the bus stop outside to get the bus to Edware.

but the bus driver motion to us to moved away, despite the fact that none of us were standing any close to the kerb than we would have been if we' d have been individuals holding our arms out! And we didn't get a wave from him .. shame.

Boris Johnson!

At Epping, it's a 17 miles ride all the way to West Ruislip - the longest stretch of uniteruppted track on the tube, and we took full advtange of of it, almost everyone dozed off - Jack who had been up all night and had had no sleep slept for a full hour, sat upright with his head to one side and his tongue half hanging out ... Then when we got to West Rusilip to make the connection to Ickenham a U10 bus was there! Perfectly timed, and although I've got a U1 a couple of times, the lesser-spotted U10 (once an hour, not after 7pm) I'd never travelled on before, and that was a nice moment being able to get that bus, and we got Ickeham as fast as If I'd have run it - i.e. World Record pace.

Sophie - the lady who had actually spoken to Boris Johnson outside Rayners Lane station then recieved a letter at work from him a few days later ...

... which of course, was a wind up by he work colleagues who faked the letter to her as a joke!


More to follow after the event has taken place!

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