Zone 1 Only Challenge

Zone1 2008

In 2008, I was living 4,000 miles away from the London Underground in the USA. But Neil & me came up with the crazy plan that I would fly over just to take part in this years challenge, on Friday May 30th. And I made this rather good video about it too ...

The winning team though was '66 Feet under' - our swedish friends Håkan Wolgé and Patrick Sillén & Lars Andersson who came in at 2 hours, 55 minutes and 32 seconds.

Zone 1 2004

After writing about it a possible alternative challenge to do here on my webpages, Ewan Spence got in touch to say that he was going to do it as a final fun thing to do in London before he moves away. We organised, got the media involved and it took place on Friday 30th July 2004, where we all met at midda at Vauxhall station.

Ewan - a scotsman - turned out and ran around with his team in traditional scotswear - a kilt, top man!

My team was myself and Neil, and we went and did our own thing from pretty much early on. We did run past some people going in the opposite direction to us as we were doing the Aldgate - Aldgate East run, and we saw Adham at Paddington H&C at well a couple of hours later.

Towards 4pm, when the three hours were up, we all congregated in the pub of popular choice - the Horse & Groom in Great Portland Street, to see who has the fastest time. The winner was Steve Paull who (with a solo effort) had come in with a great time of 2 hours, 55 minutes and 50 seconds. He revealed that on part of his route he'd run betwen Goodge Street and Russell Square.

The TV report was then on the news later that night ...

Zone 1 Only

The Tube Challenge

The challenge is to travel round all the stations on the London Underground (currently 270 of them) in the fastest time possible. This is a recognised and established world record, that has proper rules and regulations laid down by Guinness World Records. People have been competing for this since 1959.

I'm a two-times World Record Holder for completing this challenge the first time held between 2004-2006, and then again between 2013-2015.

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